Advent help from local companies

Advent is here and we have all worked at delivering Advent calendars all week, ready to open those first windows.

Never has the saying “Many hands make light work” been so true.

Thank you to all those who collected the calendars, including Audi Reading (pictured here).

Advent Day 2.

We have had a very busy harvest period, so will be posting pictures of the great corporate teams that have helped over past few weeks.

Here are a team from Covea Insurance, thanks for the company’s ongoing support.


Advent Day 3.

Thank you to a team from Huntswood, who were so super, amazingly hard working team.
Also Thank you to sisters Wendy, who organised this volunteering day and her sister who faithfully collects Advent Calendars for us at Caversham Tiles. Big Thanks to all.


Day 6  Pulse Secure


Day 7 – IQVEA


Day 8  XERTO






Day  11  WORKDAY