Reverse Advent Calendar!

The ReadiFood Reverse Advent Collection:

This list is aimed to make up a food parcel over the 24 days of Advent, these quantities will make a single size parcel but the quantities can be increased to create a parcel for more people.

  1. A Box of Tea Bags.
  2. A Tin of Soup.
  3. A Tin of Tomatoes.
  4. A Box of cereal.
  5. A carton of Long-Life (UHT) Milk.
  6. A Tinned Pie or Tin of Vege Curry.
  7. 2 Tins of Baked Beans.
  8. 2 Tins of Fish (Tuna, Sardines).
  9. A Bag for Life. Now you can start packing up your food parcel in this bag.
  10. A Tin of Spaghetti.
  11. 2 Tins of vegetables.
  12. A Tin of Potatoes.
  13. A Tin of Hot Dogs, Minced Beef or Macaroni Cheese.
  14. A Tin of Big Soup.
  15. 2 Tins of Fruit.
  16. A Tin of Corned Beef or Ham.
  17. 500g bag of Pasta.
  18. Jar of Pasta Sauce.
  19. Tin of Rice Pudding.
  20. Jar of Jam.
  21. 1kg Bag of Rice.
  22. Jar of Coffee.
  23. 1 packet of Biscuits.
  24. £2-£5 Donation to help with the Distribution of this Food Parcel. Thank You.

This makes quite a generous 1 person food parcel, so the quantity or size, can be increased for some items for a family parcel.

These collections are welcome to be delivered up until Friday 20th December or after the Christmas holiday days, from Monday 30th December.