Note that we are not recruiting new volunteers but PLEASE KEEP DONATING

As we are sure everyone will understand we face some very real challenges at the FoodBank. WE ARE ENDEAVOURING TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE AND ABIDE BY ANY GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES.

As of the 24th March 2020 we are working on the basis that ReadiFood is an “ESSENTIAL SERVICE” and although restricting the numbers of volunteers and staff in the warehouse we are still trying to meet the increasing need in Reading.

Firstly with the threat to health, particularly for older people, we are facing a reduction in the numbers of volunteers coming in to sort food and pack parcels as well as drivers to deliver. So our ability to deliver will be under pressure.

Secondly, we are aware that some potential parcel recipients may need to self-isolate and be in very real need. If schools close then many families will be without free school meals. So demand may increase.

We would assure you that we have discussed at depth what is a reasonable response to a threat that is changing by the day, and will continue to react day to day. At time of writing anyone entering and leaving the premises is asked to use anti-bac. Signs are displayed prominently to that effect.

FOOD DONATIONS are being caged and put in isolation for a few days to ensure that any potential contamination will have died off before being sorted.

DELIVERIES will continue as long as we are able. Delivery volunteers are being updated daily as to safe means of handling parcels and contact with recipients.

If you are healthy, available and willing to become even a temporary volunteer we would be interested to hear from you. Use the contact page link.