Food Needs & Donations April 2020

We are facing challenges in staffing and volunteers through social distancing and self isolation requirements

Please note that we are still accepting food donations at the warehouse 33 Boulton Road RG2 0NH

but only between 11.00 and 2.00 weekdays

If you have a small quantity of food we would request that you keep it for a few weeks until hopefully things have settled down a bit. Watch this space.

As of 24th March 2020 – ReadiFood is an “ESSENTIAL SERVICE” so we will be continuing on a skeleton staff working on a non-contact rota and from home when not in the office.

We need all the help we can as demand is increasing. Tragically shelves are being emptied by panic buying for goodness only knows why! We are going to get desperate for pasta and rice before very long.

We have also lost our weekend collections a Waitrose because of stock supply issues.

Non perishable food items we are short of:

Tinned Vegetables: Tinned potatoes: Instant Mash: Tinned Spaghetti:

Tinned Ready Meals i.e., vegetable curry, meat curry, chilli, meatballs, pies, beans and sausages, ravioli, macaroni cheese.

Tinned Fruit: Tinned Meat:

Tea Bags – foil bags (boxes)

Microwave pouch rice

Gluten free items

We are concerned that there have been reports of people stealing the food from the supermarket donation points. That is very sad. So if you are able to bring donations to our warehouse, 33 Boulton Road, RG2 , we are able to accept them… carefully. 🙂 Between 10.30am & 3pm we hope…

Note that we may want you to leave the donations in a cage or trolley at the door for us to bring in, to avoid direct contact. We aren’t being unfriendly, just sensible.

Each day’s donations are quarantined within Government guidelines.

For more information email admin @

Many thanks.