Food Parcels over COVID

2020 and 2021 have been challenging for us as you can imagine. 202 was particularly hard. Demand for food parcels rocketed whilst we coped with reduced numbers among our regular volunteers due to wanting to keep our older folk safe. Wearing masks and maintaining social distance made life difficult and applying cleaning regimes increased our work.

10,000 parcels 4,500 people helped

Neverthe less during 2020 we delivered over 10,000 parcels (196 per week average) to 1200 single people; 436 couples and 597 families. That’s around 4,500 individual men, women, children.

Generally we supply four weeks parcels, but over COVID many people struggled more than normal and as a result we were supporting for longer.

Incredible support

The warehouse had never been fuller despite the increased demand. We could not have done this without people rising to the challenge. Far more food than usual was donated, much being brought by individuals to the warehouse. Local companies supported us. New volunteers came forward, many furloughed.

A day’s deliveries packed and ready to go