Over the years FAITH have had some wonderful staff as well of course as superb volunteers!

It should be noted that all our staff are part time but we do endeavour to man the office every week day 10.00 till 4.00

It is generally easier to contact us by email or on our mobile phones.   See contact page.

Malc Peirce

Malcolm Peirce was appointed Director in April 2006.

Malcolm has worked with FAITH both as a Volunteer and then as a Trustee since the early 90’s.

His background is in Education and and a variety of office and administrative roles. He brings a broad brush of skills in communication, I.T. training and management.

Malcolm is part of LifeSpring Church in Reading
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Alison also joined us in September 2010, with no previous experience of FCG.

Alison is our ReadiFood Coordinator. She works tirelessly to ensure that local people in need of food need not go hungry.

Alison is part of St. John’s and St Stephen’s Church, New Town
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Amanda  joined us in March 2013 as our Administrator. She has worked with us for many months on a volunteer basis and brings with her much experience in Administration and P.A. work.

In 2015 as part of restructuring she was promoted to Office Manager. Among her responsibilities is Supermarket liaison.

Amanda is a member of St Mary’s Church Wargrave
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Wendy joined us in the summer of 2015 as our Administrator.She has a wealth of background experience with people who are unemployed and on benefits.

Wendy is a member of All Nations (Elim)
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Mark Glover

Mark joined us in the summer of 2015.
He was one of our first Stepping Stones residents years ago.

Mark’s role is picking up the pieces, shopping, collecting and delivering! As well as keeping us all in good spirits.

Mark is a member of Greyfriars Church in Reading

Kevin joined us in February 2016 to run our Stepping Stones housing project.

Kevin goes to Henley Baptist Church


Louise LawlerLouise was employed on a temporary contract to co-ordinate A Bed for the Night for January and February 2016

She came back from October 2016 to run the 2017 Night Shelter

Previous Staff

 Tara worked for us around a day a week enabling us to collect food from supermarkets. She still helps out as a volunteer with parcel deliveries and looking after our “toiletries department”. Claire worked with us as our Bed for the Night co-ordinator in the winter of 2014/15.

She did a fantastic job and is much missed as we work on the shelter for the second year.

 Richard was with us from September 2010 till mid 2015, having previously volunteered for us.

He was responsible for running Stepping Stones, ably supported by Tony. Richard proved his worth in researching background legislation and setting up documentation.

Tony Henson, joined us in the summer of 2011 and soon proved his worth.

Tony is responsible for our Street Outreach work “ReadiStreet” but spends most of his time looking after tenants in our Stepping Stones housing project.

Tony moved on in the Spring of 2015

Jonty joined the staff in October 2010 having volunteered with us on the streets for a number of years. He brought a good deal of that experience as a volunteer to help him as he ran our street outreach programme “ReadiStreet”.
Sadly his stay with us was not long. But in the time he was with us he put some useful systems in place and built a good rapport with volunteers.He is much missed on staff, but appreciated as a volunteer.
Christine joined us in October 2007 taking on organising the evening Soup Runs as well as delivering parcels during the weekdays. She previously worked for The Chalet in Reading, working with ex-offenders.

She brought a wealth of experience to the team.
She was originally brought in to work alongside Brian to increase our capacity.

Christine retired in 2011 but remains with us as a volunteer working on follow up pastoral care.

Rose took over looking after the office at the beginning of 2008.
She picked up where Jan Hearn left off in reviewing and simplifying our record keeping.Rose left us to begin a new ministry with her husband towards the end of 2010
Janine was with us from June 2009 till September 2010

Along with Christine she organised and ran both the Street work and ReadiFood.

She has gone on to develop her career in hairdressing.

Jan joined us in November 2007 on a temporary contract until January 2008, to cover our office administration.

Jan was able to help us improve our record-keeping methods.

She was sadly unable to stay on with us due to illness, but we were very grateful to her for bridging a gap and remains a keen supporter of FAITH.

John joined us in November 2007 fast proving himself to be a great member of the team.

John had a real gifting with collating and presenting statistics, so we are gradually getting a much better picture of the services we deliver.

Sadly for us he was offered a very tempting full-time post with an organisation that he had wanted to work with for a very long time. We wish him every blessing.

Brian joined us in August 2006 and proved to be a valuable member of staff bringing with him a genuine empathy for our clients.

He did a stirling job fitting in his hours with FAITH alongside his business as a hairdresser.

For personal reasons he left us in November 2007.

Keep the faith Brian!

Sadly in October 2007 we lost Vicky.  We are grateful to her for her contribution to the work of FAITH over the years.

She stays in touch and is now thoroughly enjoying her new career as a classroom assistant with one to one responsibilities for a child with learning difficulties.

God bless you Vicky.