Supporters and Donors privacy policy


The core purpose of FAITH Christian Group (FCG) is to share God’s love for all his people by offering advice and practical support to help people who are homeless or struggling to feed themselves. This routinely involves collecting and processing all type of personal data, and this has always been done on the basis of consent and confidentiality.

We also collect all types of personal data on job applicants, our staff, volunteers and trustees. We have published separate privacy policies tailored to these purposes. This policy concerns the other, wider-ranging contacts that FCG has established to support its core purpose.

What personal data do we collect, and why?

FCG gathers personal data in the form of names and contact details (telephone numbers and e-mail addresses at/of various supporters, organisations, companies and other charities predominantly, but not exclusively, in the local area, for the purpose of awareness raising, general networking, fundraising and ancillary services marketing.

We do this because we have a legitimate interest in doing so. We do not receive income through our core activities and have no guarantee of public funding support. Our continuing service provision is heavily dependent upon our maximising the support we can receive from the local public and business community.

How we use your information

We use the personal data (predominantly e-mail addresses) in various ways:

  • to inform about upcoming events and activities
  • to inform about training services
  • to engage with stakeholders
  • to support fundraising activities
  • to manage ongoing relationships and project work.

Although our use of personal data in this way is very important to us, we will always offer organisations and individuals the opportunity to opt-out of receiving unsolicited e-mail communications from us. If we collect the personal data of a private individual for these purposes, we will always ensure beforehand that the individual has consented to this and can reasonably expect their personal data to be used for these purposes.

We will always obtain consent before we share a contact’s personal data with other parties, unless that personal data is already in the public domain.

Storing your information

We keep the information securely in spreadsheets and in e-mail address lists. We regularly review and update our contacts spreadsheets and mailing lists to ensure they are continuing to meet our needs.

Get in touch with us about your data

You can contact us and ask us:

  • what information we’ve stored about you / your organisation
  • to change or update your details
  • to opt out of receiving any further e-mail communication from us.