Supporting Financially

Our donations come from individuals, churches, businesses and charities and are used as effectively as possible to directly support those people we are seeking to serve.

We endeavour to be as efficient in our use of money as possible but inevitably have salaries, rent, utilities and vehicle running costs, etc. to pay for.

Please be aware that your donation will go to the Faith Christian Group bank account but if you would like your donation to go to a specific part of the charity, please send an email to stating your full name, donation amount, date donated and where you would like the donation to go.  It will then be ‘ring fenced’ for that part of the charity.

Thank you

Click here to go to giving page link or scan with your phone

This will incur a small fee but you can gift aid your donation and set up a regular payment online.

The GIVING link below will download a printable pdf Gift Aid form

Gift Aid Form to post cheque or give cash

Using this method you can specify which part of Faith Christian Group you wish to support and we will “ring fence” your donation. ReadiFood / ReadiStreet / A Bed for the Night You can set up a single payment or standing order. *By donating this way we get all of your donation without any fees being deducted.