What food do we need?

Donating Food

If you would like to donate please ring us before coming on 0118 9872672 or email us on admin @ readifood.org.uk

Please note that our office and warehouse are at 33 Boulton Road, Reading.   We will ask you to place food in a crate at the door so that you will not need to enter the premises or come into close contact with staff or volunteers.

Our office is normally open from 11am to 2pm every weekday to receive food donations.

If you are delivering a large quantity of food i.e. a van load, please ring first.


What food do we need?

We use a list of the standard contents for our food parcels, depending on the time of year and food items available.

Please ensure all food items are within “use by date” – thank you

Our current needs:    May 2022

URGENT NEED: TINNED READY MEALS (hot dogs, curry, mince meat & onions, chicken in white sauce), TINNED VEGETABLES, TINNED FRUIT, TINNED & INSTANT POTATOES, TINNED DESERTS (rice pudding) and PORRIDGE SACHETS.

Tinned ready meals, tinned fish, baked beans, cereal bars, pot noodles (or equivalent), tinned meat, tinned vegetables, tinned/instant potatoes, tinned fruit, baby toiletries (not wipes), dried pulses, dried lentils, long life milk, squash, honey.

We do not currently need pasta unless it is gluten free.

We are unable to accept donations of baby milk. This is under UNICEF guidelines to foodbanks in the U.K

We also give out: