Why “Christian”

Faith Christian Group was started in response to street homelessness / rough sleeping and street begging.

Clearly you don’t need to be “religious” to want to help others, but our founder was a follower of Jesus and it was his “faith” that drew him to helping those in need. Indeed the name F.A.I.T.H. came from the acrostic “Feed All In Thy Hand

As we have grown as a Charity we have maintained, as absolutely central to all that we do, our core belief in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Without Jesus as our inspiration and the Holy Spirit as our daily strength we are convinced that we would not not could do what we do. To put it simply Christ is our inspiration. The God of love and compassion is the one who leads us on.

As the years go by, the more we become convinced that poverty is as much a state of mind and spirit as it is lack of money.  Without hope that anything can change, without aspirations towards a more fulfilling life, money will be to no avail.  Without hope, depression and despair are not far away.  Relationships will fail.  Bitterness and anger will take hold.  Alcohol and drugs can bring temporary relief to the feelings, but only make the reality worse in the long term.

We honestly believe that the hope and joy and peace that Christ brings to an individual is a massive gift that is open to anyone and that we would be wrong to withhold.  Therefore, although we will never withhold a food parcel from anyone on the grounds of race, colour, religion (or lack therefof), creed, sexual orientation or any other reason, we are always more than willing to introduce them to Jesus.

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