What we do

ReadiFood is run by Faith Christian Group   We have provided an Emergency Food Parcel Service in Reading for over 25 years.

We currently deliver over 140 Emergency Food Parcels every week to families and individuals across the greater Reading area.
We deliver either directly to homes or via referring agencies   –    see   “What people say?”  –   Food parcels are only given to clients referred to us by local agencies.

We are very careful to try to avoid dependency developing  by limiting the number of
parcels we will do at any one time and restricting returning clients.

All parcels and recipients are carefully recorded on a secure database. Using a referral system helps to avoid recipients from claiming for help falsely.

By delivering, we are also often able to get a sense of a person or family’s needs.

We are not part of the Trussel Trust Food Bank Network and do not appear on their search engine, but we are affiliated to “IFAN” the Independent Food Aid Network

Watch Our Video


Watch our Video

“The poor you will always have with you.” Jesus  Matthew 26:11 (NIV)